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Getting Our Local Economy Back on Track
Child care is everyone’s business!

People are eager to return to work to support themselves and their families, and help our local economy rebound after the worst of the pandemic.


But too many workers can’t access the safe, affordable, quality child care and preschool needed for their children while they return to their jobs.


It’s time to address this problem now – especially as local employers are eager to hire local workers for important jobs in hospitality, agriculture, healthcare and other vital local industries.


Opportunities for Local Matches of State Funding

State funding for quality, local early childhood education and services consistently falls short of the needs of Monterey County children, families and employers. Now, more than ever, we need local funding for these critical services.


The Safe, Affordable, Quality Child Care Act would raise $5.5 million annually, under local control to:


Prepare children for school with literacy, math and social skills


Double access to affordable child care and early education for working families, single parents and others


Help children whose families are dealing with housing instability, unemployment, child abuse and neglect so they can start school ready to learn


Help fledging child care operations with small business challenges like liability insurance and safety infrastructure maintenance


Attract and retain qualified child care providers and preschool teachers


Help business rebound after the pandemic by attracting and retaining working parents


Strict Fiscal Accountability

All funds would be locally controlled and spent only in Monterey County. No funds could be taken by the State. Community oversight and public disclosure are required. By law, the Measure would automatically expire after ten years and can only be renewed with voter approval.

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